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Eye Doctors Totowa Eyecare

Dr. Rasraj Rana and Dr. Gustie Christopher are both graduates of The Pennsylvania College of Optometry. They met while enrolled in a summer program at their optometry school. Little did they know, they would ultimately marry and share a profession and life together.

When they first started working, they enjoyed helping patients and the profession so much, it lead to Dr. Rana leasing a Lenscrafters.

This setting allowed him to practice full scope Optometry and help his patients in way he could not do working for other practices. When it was time for lease renewals, he knew he needed more control over the way he wanted to practice and help his patients. This lead to he and Dr. Christopher purchasing Ehrenworth and Goldsmith in Totowa, NJ. The practice had been around for over 25 years and had a great patient base. The town was near where he grew up and allowed him to work closer to home. The best part about the purchase, was that one of the doctors, Dr. William Goldsmith still wanted to be able to work. This was very important to them because they wanted to be able to learn and grow with his knowledge.

After this purchase, he and Dr. Christopher moved the practice two blocks from the original location with to a larger space with high tech equipment to better serve the community.

Totowa Eyecare is the premier location servicing all the vision needs of Totowa and surrounding areas. Come make an appointment with this husband and wife team today.

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