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Bruder Eye Mask For Dry Eyes

bruder mask

Are you suffering from Dry Eyes, Blepharitis, or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)? The Bruder Mask provides effective and rapid relief.

There are many solutions for these irritating diseases, one of the most effective is a warm compress mask called the Bruder Mask. The concept is pretty simple, the warmth of the mask causes the oil glands underneath your eyelids to open up, allowing for natural lubrication of your eye.

As eye doctors, we take our responsibility to our patients seriously, so we thoroughly research the products that we recommend. In addition to providing fast and effective relief, the Bruder mask is safe, clinically tested, anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. The patented beads are effective at retaining the heat for longer and reducing the risk of burning from overheating. It’s a quality product that we fully recommend.

About the Bruder Mask

The Bruder mask weighs in at a super light weight of only 5 ounces. Designed to keep in mind that people suffering from dry eyes may not be able to take a lot of pressure on their eyes. The head strap is also adjustable, which allows for loosening or tightening as you see fit.

What is the mask helpful for?

The bruder mask is effective at reducing the severity of three extremely common and uncomfortable eye diseases.

Chronic Dry Eyes:

Chronic dry eyes is one of the most common eye diseases and estimates are that up to 90% of people who spend over two hours a day in front of a computer will experience dry eye symptoms. The cause is a lack of lubrication, either from inadequate tear production or from infrequent blinking (commonly occurring while using a computer).


Blepharitis is an eye condition which causes inflamed eye lids, burning, and discomfort. It is caused by an build up of bacteria which leads to biofilm under and near your eyelids.

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD):

The leading cause of dry eyes, it is the blockage of the oil secreting glands, which causes your tears to evaporate too quickly.

What are the dimensions?

The Bruder mask is conveniently small, while large enough to provide effective treatment where it is needed. At approximatly 3 X 2 1/2 inches, the mask can also be used for one eye, however the strap would not apply any pressure when using it as such.

Do I need a Microwave to use it?

While I saw someone comment online that you can heat it up in an oven, the manufacturer specifies that it should only be heated in a microwave. You should heat it for 20-30 seconds adjusting the time depending on your microwave and the level of heat that is most comfortable for your eyes.

How do I clean the mask?

A light hand wash and air dry does the trick. You can use a light soap to get rid of any stains or dirt, but overall it is a very easy clean.

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