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Highly tailored experience. Associates take extreme time and care to answer your questions, making it very reassuring for myself and my family. Very much recommend going here for your eye care needs.
2 months ago
- KC
Totowa Eye Care really took care of my family and I. The receptionist was highly professional and answered majority of my insurance questions. Dr. Rana took his time answering questions I had related to contact lens. He also assisted my husband with picking up a pair non prescribed sunglasses. Highly recommended office to visit.
2 months ago
- Arooba M.
I recently visited Dr. Rana’s office and he was very patient with me. I had lots of questions about the diagnosis and he took the time and explained everything to me. He is amazing!!
2 months ago
- Ashley M.
Dr Christopher was wonderful. She was kind, sincere, and answered all my questions. The whole staff was really nice and knowledgeable. Would definitely come back!
3 months ago
- Divya M.
Kind, professional staff, great service, and beautiful office
7 months ago
- Jack V.
I would recommend Totowa Eyecare with a five star rating! Every staff member was friendly and attentive. They took their time in helping me pick out new frames, etc. The office is newly renovated, beautiful, and clean! I see Dr. Goldsmith who is always professional and pleasant. Signed Debbie S.
7 months ago
- gemini r.
This place is amazing, let me just say that my vision has been better than before thanks to the Ortho-K program they offer. Ever since I started the program I no longer need to worry about wearing glasses or contact lenses. I don’t even need to consider LASIK. Thank you to Dr. Christopher and Dr.Rana, I highly recommend this program to parents with children who suffer in high prescriptions, and to adults who are tired of contacts and glasses but do not want to do LASIK.
9 months ago
- Noemi H.