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Eyecare in Totowa, New Jersey

Looking for the most trusted name in eye care in Totowa, NJ? Look no further than our family-friendly eye care clinic! We are a three-doctor practice offering a range of essential eye care services that go above and beyond basic eye exams and updates to glasses and contact lens prescriptions. Specialty services we offer include:

We are also passionate about diagnosing and treating various conditions that may affect your eyes.

We accept most vision plans and medical insurances.

Want to learn more about what we can do to help? Come visit our Totowa eye care clinic, or give us a call at 973-942-4221 today!

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Our Eye Care Services

eye exam

Annual comprehensive eye exams are an essential part of maintaining long-term vision and eye health for the whole family.


Our Totowa optometry team is here for all your eye care emergencies, whether it's sudden pain or loss of vision, or a foreign object or chemicals in your eye.

eye drops

Dry eye syndrome can significantly reduce your quality of life. Do you suffer from red, dry, itchy eyes?
Our eye doctors can help.


Contact lenses are a great option for crystal-clear, comfortable vision. Our eye care team can help you find just the right pair for you.

eye glasses

Want to say goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses, but don't want surgery? Ask our eye doctors about ortho-k and similar non-surgical vision correction options.

eye exam1

Did you know that diabetes can affect your eyes? Diabetic retinopathy and other vision issues caused by diabetes can cause significant loss of vision without proper treatment.


Did you know that neurolens uses advanced eye-tracking and measuring techniques to provide customized lenses that alleviate common vision problems like headaches and eye strain? Say goodbye to uncomfortable eyewear and experience the difference of neurolens today.

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